things i am thinking about while i avoid packing

Packing time. Boo.

There are two weekends left in August. Two weekends left to get this apartment into boxes. Two weekends to organize my life the way I want it to be organized. As yet, I haven’t lifted a finger.

Whenever I move into a new place I convince myself that I’ll do better at “life stuff” than I did wherever we lived before. I will be smart. Organized. Compartmentalized. How my apartment is set up will make me a better person. It will reflect how my life will be: smart, neat, tidy, purposeful.

I will…
Put my cereal into the plastic containers I purchased strictly for cereal.
Label the spices I put into containers purchased strictly for spices.
Open all mail and file or toss the minute I receive it.
Always bring my grocery bags to the grocery store.
Organize all of our books by author.
Throw away the dog food bag when it is empty instead of crumpling it and putting the new one on top.
Water my plants before they start drooping.
Sweep my porch every other day.
Clean my fan blades weekly.
Take my dog on longer walks.
Cook at least two meals a week (yes, two. I’m not going to type stuff I can’t abide by and I sadly find little enjoyable about cooking).

I will not…
Buy unnecessary stuff at the thrift store just because it is a dollar.
Throw my clothes on top of the closet rod without actually hanging them up.
Let more than one pair of shoes sit by the door.
Let the junk drawer get out of control.

I think this is a pretty decent list to start with. It also inspired me to hop off of the computer and actually… pack. Now or never, right?

What do you wish you could do differently in your day to day? Have you ever broken bad habits by moving into a new place? Or am I just wishful thinking over here?


11 responses to “things i am thinking about while i avoid packing

  1. Linda Lacy-Hodge

    Hey Meagan-

    I hate to move just like you. I will pack by rooms for where everything is going into my new place and done. Then once I get moved the first thing that I look for are my sheets. So all of the boxes will have a space lined up on the wall and I will still be able to get into my freshly made bed.

    Ms. Linda

  2. You are so not wishful thinking. I wish we did just about everything on that list. I keep the living room tidy because you never know when someone is stopping by. But I need to have that same attitude with our bedroom. Aye! And it would be nice if my extra pair of hands (read: husband) would help out some. I mean really help out.

    Good luck to you and moving! Shelving your books alphabetically? This is like a serious library. 🙂 I usually do my shelves by interest.

    • I HAVE to get the books under control. We have three bookcases right now and stacks in every room– like, serious stacks. They’re everywhere. They’re taking over. And it has. to. stop. LOL.

  3. One of the things I like about moving is that as we’re packing up we also purge, and divest ourselves of stuff that isn’t vital. We’ve really pared our lives down over the past few moves, although we have a lot left to go.

    One of the things I’ve found helps me with starting new habits is making a list or rota for the week, and physically checking off when I’ve done the thing I want to do. For instance, finishing ALL the dishes before going to bed. Clearing water cups and discarded socks out of the living room at the end of the day. Etc. That kind of habit is so thankless and easy to not notice, unless you’re keeping track. And then you can pat yourself on the back because you’ve done it all week OR you can say “welp, didn’t do so well this week, next week’s a new start!” and go from there.

    I love your blog, btw. I’ve been reading for months now but don’t comment too often. I live in Albany Park and love to read about other peoples’ experiences in Chicago.

    (we also pack by room and label the boxes as to both their contents and the room they go into. And one of the first things we unpack is the bed and sheets/blankets/pillows. We get that and stuff for the shower all set up, so that at the end of the day when we’re tired and worn out we don’t have to think about how we’re going to clean up and sleep. We just do it.)

    • I really love your list idea. I have a dry erase board in a beautiful frame that a friend made for me for Christmas last year and this would be a great use for it. I think if I put, say, three things on there a week and completed them faithfully they would become routing and then I could focus on the making the next three tasks habit, and so on. I’m so glad you’re reading and commenting! 🙂

  4. The “I will” list makes me feel better about my life. I would add do laundry every week. I let it pile up.

  5. I totally identify with most of your “I will not”s. My best cure was getting a puppy who would destroy anything he could get his jaws on. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to not have a pile of not-really-“dirty”-but-already-worn clothes on my dresser. I used to leave them on a chair but my cat and little dog would sleep there and then they would be dirty.

  6. I know the feeling! I need to learn to get rid of stuff…lol

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