new apartment to-do

Spray painting with @sewearthy

Hiya, folks! I can breathe through my nose all nice and easy now. bioAllers. Get some.

We’re a little over a week into our new apartment. It’s chilly; September is in full-effect. Most of our unpacking is done, the boxes are out in the alley and it is time to decorate this bad boy. Our previous kitchen had a lot of turquoise and orange and white and faux wood. I liked the faux wood. The new unit is outfitted in granite countertops (ugh) and real wood (I think). This meant a redo on the items I spray painted orange specifically to go with my blue hued walls. I thought and thought and thought about colors. I always end up coming back to turquoise. Always.

Watch out @anthropologie. I can do this for $2.

These are for our keys. One of the things I hate about moving is the temporary loss of “systems.” I need them. Systems = where my keys live, where my shoes live, where my jacket lives, where the dog treats live, where the dog leash lives, etc. etc. I need those little routine systems in my life to keep me sane. Naturally, hooks are what I tackled first while spray painting with Aziza over the weekend. These will be in the kitchen, for back door keys and laundry room keys. Another set of plain silver ones are already hanging in the front for day-to-day keys; do you think I’m a crazy spaz for not being able to live without my hooks?

Late night hanging spice rack #newapartment

Our old orange spice rack got a makeover in the same turquoise as the key holders. The Mister and I hastily put it up tonight. It isn’t as dark as it looks in the photo, it is the exact same paint used in the photo above. Our management company painted the unit gray for us before we moved in (we bought, they painted; nice deal!) and the turquoise is a great fit. I also hung up my favorite tole tray– learn how to that here— above the sink, in the same place it was before. I’m not so good with change.

Now comes the to-do. So much to tackle. So much I want to do all at once. Help me prioritize.

  1. Plate wall. I had three before.  They need to be turned into one.  I am not one of those people who will painstakingly trace out the shape of each plate on wax paper and tape upon the wall before hanging.  I know I may set out to do that, but I’ll end up being frustrated with how long it takes and just tossing everything up there all random.  Giant plate wall is a huge task.
  2. Coat hooks.  I need to repaint the towel rack we had in our old bathroom and hang it on the back of our new front door.  I’m thinking gray.  Sanding + painting + hanging.
  3. Artwork.  These walls are bare!  We have so much art.  Where will it all go?
  4. Curtains.  I need to turn my tab-topped curtains into non-tab-topped curtains.  Lucky for me, I found a blogger who did the exact same thing with the same Wilma IKEA curtains I own!  This means breaking out the sewing machine.
  5. Curtains Part II.  They’re white.  And plain.  And need to be stamped.  I need to find a shape or pattern or stamp I like and customize on the cheap.
  6. Curtains Part III.  Our closet has no door.  It is messing up my chi.  I need to sew a curtain to put up since I am fresh out of curtains and not willing to spend any more money.
  7. Curtains Part IIII.  I hate my tension rods.  They were a must just to get the blinds down and fabric up but ugh.  Real curtain rods have to be here soon.  $$$.
  8. Cabinet doors.  They must be removed.  I miss my open shelving.
  9. Bookshelves.  We’re using our new built in hutch for books instead of dishes.  We also have two smaller built-in cabinets directly opposite that we are also using to store our tomes.  We still have homeless books.  A lot of them.  And since we’ve decided to stockpile our favorites in the effort to thwart e-reader takeovers, we’re gonna need even more.  Our white shelves must go back up.
  10. Craigslisting.  I need a teak dining set and two or three kitchen chairs.  Ugh.  So expensive.

What do I tackle first?  What to do?  I’m not even overwhelmed or anxious or in a hurry; I’m simply excited to have some fun apartment projects in my future.

Have ideas for curtain shapes?  A killer dining set in Chicago you want to give me?  Maybe a simple alternative to tension rods that won’t break the bank.  Let me know or tell me about what projects you need to start in on…


7 responses to “new apartment to-do

  1. Suggestion for the plate wall? Lay them all out on the floor where you can move them around into the best configuration and eyeball for space and then hang them. Also, I read somewhere that if you were so painstaking as to cut them all out in paper first you could then nail through the paper, remove the paper and have all your nails perfectly in place. Oooooh! (But I know, I am chaos too in these situations. Not much for planning ahead.) Can’t wait to see what you do with the new place!

  2. Depending on what fabric your curtains are made of, freezer-paper stencilling could be a good technique to use. You can do everything from chevrons (very in right now) to polka-dots, to any semi-random repeating pattern – small or large. Just cut the freezer paper, iron in on, and use fabric paint to fill in your pattern. Let it dry overnight and you’re all done. Lots of more detailed tutorials online. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • I’d never heard of this before, Stephanie! Thank you; I’m definitely going to check it out. Seems like I’ll be able to customize more than I would with stamps.

  3. I’m obsessed with stamps right now. Thanks for linking the curtain tutorial.

  4. Yay! Happy to have been helpful! 🙂

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