short short hair

“No, I don’t think so. No way, nuh-uh.”
“Really. You want me to believe that?”
“You are wrong and I am walking inside to shake my head at you.”

These shots were snapped by Chibueze Saadiq during our last little summer get-together at the old house. They also serve as the only non-self-portraits I have of my new hair! Not so new now, and pretty much grown in since my last cut, but they’ll serve to show how short I really went. And will be going again come Tuesday. Short hair like this requires cuts every three or four weeks. I really should check out one of the Polish barbers around the new ‘hood and ask them for a number 2 or 6 or whatever number my haircut represents. I’m sure there will be a sign on the window to guide me. This way I end up paying $10 instead of $60.

This cut is tied for my favorite hairstyle.  I’ve been steadily going short-short-shorter from almost waist length hair for about five years now and the only one it competes with is the style I got right before our wedding.

I miss those curls every time I look at this picture. Also wondering where that brown top is. It was all stretchy and comfortable and lovely. Regarding the asymmetrical style: I don’t think I have the patience to grow it out to this length again so short-short I stay. Maybe next summer I’ll finally shave it off. I do turn 30 in 2012 and it might have to go on my imaginary 30-before-30 list, hm?

Ever wanted to do something wild with your hair? Ever gone this short? It really is wonderful– wash and go. And product lasts forever since you only need a dab. Short hair rules.

P.S. My inspiration for this cut was Nicole Albino of Nina Sky. I saw this video and brought a printed out screenshot to a hair appointment and it’s been short-short since that day.


5 responses to “short short hair

  1. Some day check out my senior yearbook picture

    • I know exactly the photo you’re talking about. We look like twins. Maybe that is where the real inspiration for my new hairdo came from, Dad. 😉

  2. Cool! I really like your new hair-do 🙂

  3. LOVE my short hair. I always had super long hair as a young girl, but by 28, it was all gone and not missed! MY Mister says that as long as there’s a little bit to ‘grab’ on top, he loves it 😉 —- had a “#2” all over for years —- now I guess I have a little ‘style’ in that it’s not the same length all over —- a little on top to spike up.

    You are gorgeous with that cut! (and any others I’ve seen as well :-))

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