putting up the plate wall

The Mister was in NYC for the weekend and I happily spent my husband-less Sunday putting up our wall o’ plates and generally organizing and decorating the kitchen.  I am embarrassed to report that I did this through three cycles of Nostalgia, Ultra, an album I swore I was ambivalent about but haven’t been able to turn off in the 72 hours since I saw the newly released and weird Swim Good video, which prompted me to check out all of the songs in their entirety again.  It provided good background music and now I know all of the songs and interludes by heart. I need to start buying albums and not relying on Pandora so much. It was fun to be exposed to something new that all the kids out there are talking about! I feel very with it now. Moving on.

Before the plates.  The silverware is in mugs because our new drawers are too small for cutlery holders; we’ll have to come up with a better solution soon.

Per Rosie’s suggestion in the comments of this post, I laid all of the plates out and moved them around until I found a pattern I liked.

Then I started hanging.  The walls are plaster, so I was able to use a nail for some of the easy areas but had to resort to my trusty drill when I hit something hard.

I changed my mind a bunch of times at the last minute and decided to make it longer rather than wider.  Even though I did this rather haphazardly and didn’t follow my initial plan, I can see the curve in the smaller plates and it is just what I initially envisioned but couldn’t get on the floor.  Some of my plates did not make the cut so I have a few plate holders left over. I must go thrift more of them, of course.

I hung up my old orange and now turquoise shelf above the stove and put up the wood cutting that I swear is my dog in the recess between the counter and our cabinets.

And that is the kitchen so far. Not bad for the first two weeks in our new apartment, huh?

I still miss a lot about our old kitchen. Namely our old gal of a kitchen sink (I really did call her old gal in my head) and our cheapie white cabinets and faux wood counters. The latter two are things most people in an apartment would hate but they worked so well with our style and this granite-and-brand-new-cabinet thing is so not me. Next up: the doors come off. I feel a little strange taking the doors off of cabinets that are so new and shiny but I can’t take it anymore. I want to see my glasses, my plates, my bowls. Looks like me and the drill have some work to do this week!

Do you like the plate wall? Don’t you think I need more of them? Shouldn’t it stretch down the whole hall? Aren’t plates awesome?


8 responses to “putting up the plate wall

  1. i think you should stop the plate wall there, take the ones that didn’t make the cut, walk down to my house (which is three blocks away) and finally do mine!

    sounds like a plan! take your meds first, of course.

    seriously though, i like the wall the way that it is. i like where they stop, it kinda tells you that you’re now entering the kitchen space.

    you don’t want every inch of wall space taken up by something!

    • You’re right. I am kind of obsessed with covering every inch. Maybe I should stop that! We’ll do your wall as soon as you paint your kitchen!

  2. LOVE the plate wall. I think it works just as it is.

  3. I say leave the plates how they are! i like the tappering off at the end, and think it really works.

    i also am LOVIN your new apartment posts! i’m moving in two weeks, and will definitely reference your thriting ways to furnish my place…..now if only i could find a credenza somewhere in chitown lol

    • Chinye, finding a good credenza is so hard! They’re usually so crazy expensive. I’d check out An Orange Moon first though. Lynne has great stuff at excellent prices. I also like to look at the Milwaukee Craigslist for deals- sometimes it’s worth the trip! Good luck on your move!

  4. I love your plate wall! The plates you have picked are so pretty and I like how the small plates make the curve. I have spent the last few weekends thrifting plates to do one similar 🙂 I believe the plate you have on the bottom right is a Franciscan – I have the set! Thinking about using one of them for my plate wall too.

  5. I love the arrangement, looks great!

  6. I love the plate wall, and esp. the curve on the small plates. Got me to thinking about the square earring holder I made with a picture frame and some old mesh from a screen. I love it albeit the square, but it is so definite, with the right round frame, I could put more on my wall for a more homey feel in my bathroom!

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