hello there

This is a stream-of-consciousness post due to exhaustion.

I took pictures of friends over the weekend. Baby bump couple pictures. It was incredibly fun. Then I felt my friend’s baby move. Beautiful and powerful and scary and insane; it made me feel female in a very raw and aggressive way. Like: Warrior Female, look what her body can do! I hope to share some of the pics with you soon.

I want to make ikat curtains. Here is how I want to do it. Navy blue.

Trash pick-up day cannot come soon enough. I’m sitting on the back porch facing our alley wondering where that box of Nag Champa I haven’t used in years is hiding.

While I am impressed with the amount of people who do do this, I always wonder why everyone doesn’t offer their seats to pregnant women and the elderly on public transit? I’m going to start calling people out. Hope I don’t end up on World Star.

I am loving Boardwalk Empire this season. And Project Free TV for allowing me to see it. We got rid of our TVs in the move. Well, they’re in the Room Where Things Go To Die until further notice. I enjoy being without it but have a problem when in places that have a television. Shit is like a drug. My eyes glaze over and I am transported into another realm. Even when what is on the television is football. A sport I don’t get. At all.

From my sister’s Facebook wall: Today is National Coming Out Day. I never had to do it. My family already knew. And accepted me for me. You cant change who we are. To all my Homos out there stay strong and proud. #soHomo I cried a little when I read it.

The Mister has joined Instagram. That’s the new living room.

Has anyone else thought Modern Love has been sucking the last month or so? You should submit something.

Adidas Adilette sandals are the most comfortable houseshoes ever. Everyone should have a pair in lieu of slippers. You can wear them with socks!

I ate foie gras today. I felt a little guilty afterwards, as I always do whenever its richness crosses my lips. I was a vegetarian for a long time. I now eat meat and work in a restaurant that serves foie from Hudson Valley Farms. It’s delicious. And maybe not much different from meat you buy in the grocery store– possibly even treated more humanely.

That’s my update for today. Have a good one, folks. xxoo.


9 responses to “hello there

  1. how about you make me some pillows too. i can’t sew for shit.

    • I need to make my own… so if you tell me what you want and push me on it, I may just be forced to break out that machine and do us both a favor. I just need some nudging.

  2. Small world….I know Evan…a good friend in a life that seems so long ago

  3. I had some producers of Foie gras stay with us in France, they were nervous about telling us because they get a lot of hassle these days. The French though don’t get vegetarianism. It just doesn’t work for them. Especially in rural areas like the Auvergne where we live.


  4. thatnks for the recommndation for comfy shoes

  5. oops can’t spell!

    I meant, thanks

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