hello there, part 2

Hung these hooks today. Took way longer than it should have.

New hooks! They’re hung! There’s two sharp screw bottoms peeking out of our bathroom door! They are a hazard! Don’t come to my house and trip and fall into them and bust your eye. Seriously, why did I not think about my long screws and my thin door? Ah. I will just hang art with them. Cause I am definitely not re-hanging these bad boys.

Waiting on @okjey. Coffee time on the porch.

Can you tell I have been drinking lots and lots and lots of coffee lately? I have. Because life is busy! It’s so busy! Between work being insane, new house nonsense, yoga once a week, being knee-deep in baby shower planning, plus dressing and feeding and clothing myself and the occasional night out with friends, I am just at a loss. Is fall always this crazy? I think it is. I think you come off the calm and lushness and loveliness and humidness and hot-time-summer-in-the-cityness of August into this psychotic season of apples and pumpkins and everyone moving fast and wanting things from you and the dog needs to be walked even though it is cold and dark outside and you have to go from a freezing bus stop onto a hot and crowded bus and your head hurts and your new boots don’t feel right and that stupid sweater that looked so cute in the dressing room is all itchy now and you come home and all you want to do is read a book under the covers and hibernate until May.

Waiting not so patiently for his dinner

Needs. This guy has needs. Like dinner. And bathroom time. Why does everyone need something from me?

Because it is fall now, not summer. And let me tell you: it is going to get worse because by the looks of my local thrift store, Christmas is right around the damn corner and that means I will be breaking out the sewing machine for it’s annual month week of use so I can be looked at adoringly by my friends and family after presenting them with something all cute and homemade that they will never use. Needs. Those gifts they will never even remove from the trunk they stowed them in before the drive home from the Christmas party are needs.

Little red Wisconsin barn #midwestisbest

Oh, calm down already. There is a barn for you to gaze upon. In Wisconsin. Where people move slower and drive old trucks down quiet lanes.

PS I got a really neat houseplant today, it is huge.


2 responses to “hello there, part 2

  1. Love your state of mind. Coffee is king! Nothing can replace it. Wife and I move from coffee shop to coffee place. That’s how it is. Christmas is about the gift, the fact that you thought about someone and found,made,gave something to someone you care about. Not lists and money and sales and the next big thing. The best gifts are the smallest and most thoughtful that you find. If someone doesn’t understand that then they are less than the gift and the thought. I used to go to markets in London as a kid and choose things for my family, with little or no money, and enjoyed choosing and hunting for those things. Even now I refuse to give cash to family who say, “I don’t know, just money so I can think myself”. Lazy on both sides. Buy something for someone, and appreciate what someone buys for you. They thought about you when they got it.

    Is that a rant, maybe, but as the adverts start, even though its not even December, now is the time to start looking.


  2. keenest pressure I feel is to carve out time to switch of summer & fall wardrobes!

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