saturday, done: new bedroom in the new apartment

Hello, Sunday. You delicious day of rest, you.

I spent all day yesterday working on the apartment. Our previous unit, as you know, required a crazy amount of TLC and all we have to do here is pop stuff on walls and arrange tschotskes. It almost seems unfair and will surely give me less to blog about.

The landlord painted in our color of choice before we moved in–if you’re looking for a true gray paint, Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore is absolutely perfect– and since painting and repainting and spackling and stripping was one of the things that took up huge chunks of time in the old place, not having to do anything with the walls here is awesome.

The big project yesterday was hemming a pair of IKEA curtains I initially bought to replace our ugly kitchen blinds. I found them too dark for the only room in the house that gets really great light and decided to use them in the bedroom instead. Hesitant to use the IKEA iron-on hemming thingie, I’d put the project off for a month but finally decided to tackle it. They turned out perfect and even though I’m comfortable enough with my sewing machine to sew a hem, this was much easier and didn’t require me actually finding my sewing machine pedal in one of the boxes we’ve yet to unpack.

As with most old-school Chicago apartments, our bedroom is crazy small. This is the left side of the room, a print of The Mister’s from Nigeria above the bed in lieu of a proper headboard. I’m on the hunt for something that will work in such a small space but not holding my breath. The lamp is from my mother-in-law and I wish the photograph showed it in all it’s glory. The top is paper and the bottom wood. Speaking of wood, I love all of the woodwork in this unit; it’s rare to find it not painted over these days.

And here we have the opposite side of the room. The dresser extends all the way to the wall on the right side and next to that is a closet without a door. Tiny, huh? Since moving back to Chicago from California I almost prefer small bedrooms. They feel cave-like and cozy.

The only thing I’m not keen on in this room is the side table. I contemplated spray painting it the way I did the dresser but thought it would look a little too fun house-y. Add side table to my hunting list. Happily, everything in the room, save for the bed and bedding and curtains, was thrifted or Craigslisted. I’m sure I’ll happen upon a table in the same way.

So what do you think of the bedroom so far? Side table suggestions? A shape I should be on the lookout for that would compliment the dresser?

PS Wonky internet. The story of this apartment’s life and what I am blaming, at least partially, my lack of blogging on lately. For some reason the wireless signal doesn’t hold up well on the back porch and that is where I like to sit and type, especially on November nights like tonight, over sixty degrees with gusts of tropical-feeling Windy City winds. But I can barely get my email to load out here. We’ll work on a fix for that this week ’cause I miss my little corner of the internet. How I only have two bars less than twenty feet from my Airport is beyond me.


8 responses to “saturday, done: new bedroom in the new apartment

  1. Great glam! Love so much how the painted dresser looks against the Gray Owl walls. And the way you’ve hung the mirror above another frame.

  2. Oooh, someday I will take your advice and paint my tiny bedroom grey, my favorite color! Someday, someday. Your bedroom looks just about as tiny as ours…we even have a tiny closet with no door! Nothing a shower curtain rod and a clearance curtain couldn’t hide though. šŸ™‚

  3. cute bedroom, small is cozy & good, in our old apartment I picked the smaller one (about 7×7) with east facing window for easy wake up with the sun, over the cold stairwell to get full use of our heavy down comforter in the winter

    what about the same gray on the little table to make it disappear or fade out a bit?

  4. That’s more than seienbls! That’s a great post!

  5. Thank you so much everyone for sotpping by and leaving a comment on this room. I’m so glad most of you like it as much as I do. This look is something we are all going to be seeing a lot more of and I just love that some of the people who did live through this look in the 70’s are appreciating its re-emergence in today’s interior trends. To those of us didn’t live through this look in the 70’s ENJOY it now and mix it up a little by adding some other things with it. Hope you all have a great day. Thanks again for your overwhelming support!!XOAnna

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