love peace & soul

Soul Train line!#soultrain line in #wickerpark last night#dancing #night #city #igerschicago #chicago #wickerpark #soultrain line#soultrain #wickerpark #chicago #igerschicago #city #night #dancing #hamburglar@urbancasita and @earthseed taking in the action...

At 4pm on February 1st, the day the great Don Cornelius passed on, we got word via social media that there would be an impromptu Soul Train line in his honor on Milwaukee Avenue at 9:30. About 200 people showed up to pay their respects and make their way down the line in thirty degree weather. You can view much better photos here and here.

Then read ?uestlove on Don Cornelius.

Soul Train started in Chicago. What a blessing to see its creator celebrated here in such a worthy way. Rest in Peace, Don Cornelius.


3 responses to “love peace & soul

  1. Great shots! I was there taking some photos too- what a great way to honor the legend of Don 🙂

  2. So proud of my hometown, representing for Don C. like that. Man, seeing these photos and reading the tweets last week in real time made me wish I was in Chicago. I definitely would have hopped on the blue line to participate. What a great way to pay tribute!

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