hello from panama city

Okay, okay. I’m back. My embarrassment at not completing my own seven day challenge kept me away. To be fair, I’ve had a lot going on. Do you see the bags underneath those eyes?!

1. We bought a condo!!!!!! Closing isn’t until late April, so cross your fingers that everything pans out. The inspection was on Friday and it went well. There is tons of work to do which means more posting as we get into it; it is a foreclosure and the previous owner left with all of the appliances– even the vanity from one of the bathrooms– which I can understand and appreciate. That stuff was hers/his. Fine by me. I see it as a challenge and not a hindrance. We can truly make the space our own.

2. We’re in Panama!

After almost 20 hours of travel we made it to Casco Viejo, a UNESCO Heritage site late last night. The tickets were free, courtesy of Citibank and American Airlines, and boy do they make it hard to use your miles: two transfers, hours and hours of layovers.

Whatever, we’re here now and I’m typing from our balcony. No complaints.

We’ve wandered around a lot today and plan to visit the canal tomorrow. We even went clubbing after our arrival yesterday. I don’t club in Chicago so you know this was a special occasion!

The architecture is fantastic, the people are super nice (minus the cashier from this morning, WHY DID YOU HATE ME?!) and our digs are perfect. Another day or two here and we’re off to an island.

All is well. More from Panama soon! xxoo

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6 responses to “hello from panama city

  1. What a blessing! I was Yanqui ignorant of the scale of Panama’s central business district skyline. Great pictures!

  2. congratulations on the condo! can’t wait to see what you’ll do without landlord restrictions. enjoy your vacation!

  3. Awesome! (About the condo, and the trip to Panama.) About not finishing your seven-day challenge–life happens. No biggie. 🙂

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