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six weeks later… here is what i wore today for $2.50

Thrifted clothing day: tank which was cut from a tee by someone the exact same size as me but has a tiny hole in the back, 50 cents; skirt by Theory, $2.

I had to change out of the skirt to leave the house as it turned out to be quite see-through. A girl always needs a red slip, though, right?

(I cannot believe I am letting you see my kitchen counter that messy. I gotta go straighten up.)


short short hair

“No, I don’t think so. No way, nuh-uh.”
“Really. You want me to believe that?”
“You are wrong and I am walking inside to shake my head at you.”

These shots were snapped by Chibueze Saadiq during our last little summer get-together at the old house. They also serve as the only non-self-portraits I have of my new hair! Not so new now, and pretty much grown in since my last cut, but they’ll serve to show how short I really went. And will be going again come Tuesday. Short hair like this requires cuts every three or four weeks. I really should check out one of the Polish barbers around the new ‘hood and ask them for a number 2 or 6 or whatever number my haircut represents. I’m sure there will be a sign on the window to guide me. This way I end up paying $10 instead of $60.

This cut is tied for my favorite hairstyle.¬† I’ve been steadily going short-short-shorter from almost waist length hair for about five years now and the only one it competes with is the style I got right before our wedding.

I miss those curls every time I look at this picture. Also wondering where that brown top is. It was all stretchy and comfortable and lovely.¬†Regarding the asymmetrical style: I don’t think I have the patience to grow it out to this length again so short-short I stay. Maybe next summer I’ll finally shave it off. I do turn 30 in 2012 and it might have to go on my imaginary 30-before-30 list, hm?

Ever wanted to do something wild with your hair? Ever gone this short? It really is wonderful– wash and go. And product lasts forever since you only need a dab. Short hair rules.

P.S. My inspiration for this cut was Nicole Albino of Nina Sky. I saw this video and brought a printed out screenshot to a hair appointment and it’s been short-short since that day.

thrifted denim & my canadian tuxedo

Someday soon, I will do three things: learn how to not take photos when it is not dark outside, buy a tripod, and fix my blog so I can post larger pictures. Someday soon, I swear. Until then, I reap what I sow: small, dark, and wobbly flicks.

I picked up this super comfortable denim tank from the thrift store over the weekend. With a denim jacket I got at a vintage shop in Toronto last year and a pair of jeggings skinny jeans from Forever 21, I got my Canadian Tux on for the Guerilla Truck Show last night.

The shirt was $2 and my favorite part, by far, are the buttons on the side. Excuse those wrinkles. I don’t iron unless I’m sewing.

Can’t forget the jean shorts I told you about! Levis. Ninety cents. I never want to take them off.

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thrifted: an iffy dress

I have two goals, fashiony-wise, for summer: to get a really low haircut, as close to a shaved head as I can handle, and to wear only dresses and skirts. I figure that if I go through with the former, then the latter will be necessary to offset mannishness. I’ve been stocking up on girly items at the thrift store lately and this dress is one of my favorite new finds. I love everything about it but the neckline. It’s too high and it feels like I am wearing a clerical collar. So I’m thinking of cutting it into a deep v-neck.

I’m wondering if I’ll be able to handle sewing in a hem where I cut my vee, so it’s a good thing that this dress cost a dollar. Wish me luck.

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thrifted: the spring & summer dresses edition

This is the photo where I get caught dancing around my back porch on an eighty degree April day.

Dress by who knows, thrifted at Salvation Army on Clybourn, $4.20.

This is the one where I curtsey just for you.

Dress by Old Navy, thrifted at Salvation Army on Clybourn, $4.20.

This is the one where I look semi-normal, albeit with the wrong shoes. I was in a hurry! Tell me, what kind of sandal would you wear with this cute vintage number?

Dress, purchased during Second Fridays at Knee Deep Vintage in Pilsen, $12.

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mama’s skirt

My mama had style, heaps and heaps of style.

The days, weeks and months after her death are all a blur and I’m not sure what became of her fancy-fresh wardrobe: her (and my) favorite wide-legged high-waisted khakis, her printed “ethnic-inspired” winter jacket, her heeled hiking boots, her three pair of 574 gray New Balances. The skirt pictured above and a flowy flower-printed black sundress are the only clothing items of hers that I own.

I’ve carted the two from city to city and apartment to apartment over the last dozen years. The dress got lots of wear until I snagged it on something a few years ago and created a hole big enough to need some professional help in repairing. The skirt, however, hasn’t seen the light of day since my mom wore it last, probably sometime in 1997. I pulled it out this weekend to see if my weight loss meant it was wearable: and it was!

The skirt came with a matching blouse and she wore it with a white camisole underneath. I had to pull the skirt up higher for it to fit properly but I’m pretty sure she wore it lower, with a brown belt cinching her small waist. I think I’ll pair it with tees and tanks once the weather decides to cooperate.

Do you wear your parent’s old clothes? How do they fit? Do you find that they’re coming back into style? Are there some items you wouldn’t be caught dead in but can’t bear to toss?

thrifted: the skirts edition

Village Discount Outlet on Milwaukee proved itself worthy this past weekend for a spring-is-on-the-way pick-me-up: skirts. Just what I needed as I’m headed to Costa Rica for some much needed R & R this Saturday. I plan to wear skirts, dresses and bathing suits. Maybe one pair of shorts.

(See that cowlick on the back of my head in the photo above? I can’t get rid of it. Suggestions other than wetting my hand and pressing the hair down are welcome in the comments.)

I edited the mess out of the photo above and it still looks wonky; blame it on the weird facial expression. Auto-photography is totally not my strong suit. But, the reason for posting it: can you make out the little pink price tag sitting below my right (your left) hip? Yeah. That baby reads $3.80.

The necklace was a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law’s friend from Brazil. It makes a fantastically loud sound when I walk and as I was snapping photos with my Nikon perched on its expensive tripod, I worried the neighbors might hear me flitting around.

Here’s the thing about thrifting. I tend towards the same five colors most times I shop: black, brown, gray, navy and white. Sometimes I toss a bit of red in, but it has to be a muted tone of the shade. When I thrift, I tend to step out of my comfort zone once I see the price. For instance, I would never wear stripes, even in my colors of choice, right? But– striped skirt for $2.80, well of course I’ll take a look. Who wouldn’t?

So, I step in front of the communal dressing mirror (no rooms at this thrift shop), gingerly take off one boot to get one leg into the skirt, place that foot back into the boot and repeat the same motion with the other leg until it’s over my jeans and fits like a glove. Striped skirt I would never wear goes into the cart.

Then I sit myself at the altar of my front room and offer you a thrifted teak bowl of nothing because I am tired of trying to pose all cute and whatnot and I end up getting silly.

Silly or not, stripes or not, I got three skirts and two plain tank tops for around $13 this weekend. I’m looking forward to posting pics of these skirts on a beach in Costa Rica next week.

[As I said the last time we traveled: My best friend will be at our house. She is mean. And my dog bites. Hard. Don’t test.]