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six weeks later… here is what i wore today for $2.50

Thrifted clothing day: tank which was cut from a tee by someone the exact same size as me but has a tiny hole in the back, 50 cents; skirt by Theory, $2.

I had to change out of the skirt to leave the house as it turned out to be quite see-through. A girl always needs a red slip, though, right?

(I cannot believe I am letting you see my kitchen counter that messy. I gotta go straighten up.)


thrifted denim & my canadian tuxedo

Someday soon, I will do three things: learn how to not take photos when it is not dark outside, buy a tripod, and fix my blog so I can post larger pictures. Someday soon, I swear. Until then, I reap what I sow: small, dark, and wobbly flicks.

I picked up this super comfortable denim tank from the thrift store over the weekend. With a denim jacket I got at a vintage shop in Toronto last year and a pair of jeggings skinny jeans from Forever 21, I got my Canadian Tux on for the Guerilla Truck Show last night.

The shirt was $2 and my favorite part, by far, are the buttons on the side. Excuse those wrinkles. I don’t iron unless I’m sewing.

Can’t forget the jean shorts I told you about! Levis. Ninety cents. I never want to take them off.

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thrifted: the skirts edition

Village Discount Outlet on Milwaukee proved itself worthy this past weekend for a spring-is-on-the-way pick-me-up: skirts. Just what I needed as I’m headed to Costa Rica for some much needed R & R this Saturday. I plan to wear skirts, dresses and bathing suits. Maybe one pair of shorts.

(See that cowlick on the back of my head in the photo above? I can’t get rid of it. Suggestions other than wetting my hand and pressing the hair down are welcome in the comments.)

I edited the mess out of the photo above and it still looks wonky; blame it on the weird facial expression. Auto-photography is totally not my strong suit. But, the reason for posting it: can you make out the little pink price tag sitting below my right (your left) hip? Yeah. That baby reads $3.80.

The necklace was a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law’s friend from Brazil. It makes a fantastically loud sound when I walk and as I was snapping photos with my Nikon perched on its expensive tripod, I worried the neighbors might hear me flitting around.

Here’s the thing about thrifting. I tend towards the same five colors most times I shop: black, brown, gray, navy and white. Sometimes I toss a bit of red in, but it has to be a muted tone of the shade. When I thrift, I tend to step out of my comfort zone once I see the price. For instance, I would never wear stripes, even in my colors of choice, right? But– striped skirt for $2.80, well of course I’ll take a look. Who wouldn’t?

So, I step in front of the communal dressing mirror (no rooms at this thrift shop), gingerly take off one boot to get one leg into the skirt, place that foot back into the boot and repeat the same motion with the other leg until it’s over my jeans and fits like a glove. Striped skirt I would never wear goes into the cart.

Then I sit myself at the altar of my front room and offer you a thrifted teak bowl of nothing because I am tired of trying to pose all cute and whatnot and I end up getting silly.

Silly or not, stripes or not, I got three skirts and two plain tank tops for around $13 this weekend. I’m looking forward to posting pics of these skirts on a beach in Costa Rica next week.

[As I said the last time we traveled: My best friend will be at our house. She is mean. And my dog bites. Hard. Don’t test.]

fashion & decor go hand in hand? really?

I think my house is pretty cute.

My clothes are another story. This is definitely not a fashion blog but I thought it would be interesting to see what happened if I walked into the thrift and pretended I was shopping for my house in the clothing section.

About me and clothing: I stick to basics. I wear a lot of black and gray and white and I live in flip-flops and Nikes. I own two pair of heels (one for summer, one for winter) and two black dresses (again, one for summer, one for winter). My day to day standbys stay in such a constant rotation that I’m out of stuff to wear in less than a week. I’m cheap, I like old comfortable tees and I wear them ’til they fall apart.

Tonight I decided to make a change. MORE pattern! MORE color! MORE texture! MORE like pillows that I would put on the couch, LESS like my… regular black and gray and white.

No, that is not an ashy leg, it is the dirty mirror at Village Discount Outlet on Milwaukee Ave. They don’t have dressing rooms so everyone brings their cart around to the big mirror and quickly tries on what they can over their clothing. I found that the best place to look for stuff is on the rack of discards next to the mirror. Someone tried those items on out of thousands and thousands of other garments and there’s usually at least one cute thing hanging there.

The tank top looks like it belongs at Anthropologie and not at the resale shop, no?

It was $2.80. Anthro can have all the fancy summer sales they want; coming close to anything less than three dollars will never happen. Never.

The red shirt next to it is by Theory, which I knew was kind of nice but just had to Google to see where the brand was sold. Saks! And wowie, the shirts on their site go for around $180. Can we guess what I paid? Yup. $2.80. Note the difference in decimal point.

Looks like I may be thrifting for clothing more often, huh? Maybe fashion and home decor really do go hand in hand…