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six weeks later… here is what i wore today for $2.50

Thrifted clothing day: tank which was cut from a tee by someone the exact same size as me but has a tiny hole in the back, 50 cents; skirt by Theory, $2.

I had to change out of the skirt to leave the house as it turned out to be quite see-through. A girl always needs a red slip, though, right?

(I cannot believe I am letting you see my kitchen counter that messy. I gotta go straighten up.)


thrifted denim & my canadian tuxedo

Someday soon, I will do three things: learn how to not take photos when it is not dark outside, buy a tripod, and fix my blog so I can post larger pictures. Someday soon, I swear. Until then, I reap what I sow: small, dark, and wobbly flicks.

I picked up this super comfortable denim tank from the thrift store over the weekend. With a denim jacket I got at a vintage shop in Toronto last year and a pair of jeggings skinny jeans from Forever 21, I got my Canadian Tux on for the Guerilla Truck Show last night.

The shirt was $2 and my favorite part, by far, are the buttons on the side. Excuse those wrinkles. I don’t iron unless I’m sewing.

Can’t forget the jean shorts I told you about! Levis. Ninety cents. I never want to take them off.

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mama’s skirt

My mama had style, heaps and heaps of style.

The days, weeks and months after her death are all a blur and I’m not sure what became of her fancy-fresh wardrobe: her (and my) favorite wide-legged high-waisted khakis, her printed “ethnic-inspired” winter jacket, her heeled hiking boots, her three pair of 574 gray New Balances. The skirt pictured above and a flowy flower-printed black sundress are the only clothing items of hers that I own.

I’ve carted the two from city to city and apartment to apartment over the last dozen years. The dress got lots of wear until I snagged it on something a few years ago and created a hole big enough to need some professional help in repairing. The skirt, however, hasn’t seen the light of day since my mom wore it last, probably sometime in 1997. I pulled it out this weekend to see if my weight loss meant it was wearable: and it was!

The skirt came with a matching blouse and she wore it with a white camisole underneath. I had to pull the skirt up higher for it to fit properly but I’m pretty sure she wore it lower, with a brown belt cinching her small waist. I think I’ll pair it with tees and tanks once the weather decides to cooperate.

Do you wear your parent’s old clothes? How do they fit? Do you find that they’re coming back into style? Are there some items you wouldn’t be caught dead in but can’t bear to toss?

not-thrifted: the clothing edition

Alright, alright. None of this is thrifted. None of it is home-related.

Let’s face it: it’s winter, it’s cold, there’s no spray painting or house decorating going on in this apartment and it’s becoming hard for me to blog about anything having to do with decor. Hell, I wrote about old-school bowling and alley traipsing at ReadyMade this week! Nothing even resembling home & garden. It’s a winter rut, sue me.

So, this is what this is: me doing my best Clueless impersonation– but instead of Polaroids for my outfits, I’m using my Nikon and making The Mister pose, too. We have a wedding to go to in Boston this weekend. A wedding for two of our most favorite people on the entire planet, so I’m super excited. Only there’s the clothing issue. The photos you see above are what I most likely will be wearing if you don’t castigate me for doing so in the comments. I tried on my tried-and-true little black dress and… no. It’s too big. And it’s too, ahem, sexy for a Sunday afternoon Catholic wedding if I may say so myself. Not that I’m calling myself sexy, cause that’s not what’s going on here. I just think it’s a little too short for the priests. I went to Catholic schools. I know they would frown upon my LBD.

The vintage blue dress I was planning on pairing with black tights if the LBD didn’t work out is also too big.

But this little Forever 21 number from 2009 is not. It fits well; pairs okay with black tights and a sweater for covering up my new, under-construction tattoo (her name is Doris, after my Grandma. What, you don’t name your tattoos?).

Tell the truth? Can I wear this to the wedding? Do you like all the ruffles? Does the dress really go with the black tights and sweater? Is it screaming too-summery?

I trust you not to have me in the streets looking crazy. Off to pack. I’m back in PJs, long socks and house shoes now.

the dress: resale is taking over my life.

ladies & okunola

This is not a fashion blog, I know, I know; I figure I can evolve a little bit. I’m fresh off of a wonderful, amazing, beautiful wedding last night and feeling zesty about life, love and a new-to-me-dress. And I’m trying to think of an excuse to post these amazing photos of me and my girls … how lovely are they?

Back to resale: see that thing above? I’m the one in the middle. That dress cost me $26 from Seek Vintage on Chicago Avenue. Wanna know how many stores I went to before finding it? Let’s count: Urban Outfitters, Akira, The Loft, J. Crew, Banana Republic, The Gap, Express and even American Eagle. Wanna know how many sleeved dresses I saw during my visits? 1. And it was see-through.

ladies & okunola

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to find a decent dress for a Sunday wedding. Is it me? Am I getting older, more modest? Is it the shops I selected? Sure, I wouldn’t expect something built for a grown woman with hips, thighs, ass, (okay, not me personally, I’m generally speaking here) tummy in American Eagle but in J. Crew? Banana?

ladies & okunola

I’m not trying to say anything new in this post about women’s bodies vs. teen bodies or the merits of clothes that cover your body properly, nothing like that. I’m just shocked that I spent all that time and energy in each of those stores, subjecting myself to half nakedness under fluorescent light, when all I had to do was stop into a resale shop blocks from my home for the perfect dress. The more and more I thrift for everything house related, the more I seek out stuff from the past for my closet. The cuts seem to be much more forgiving for my baby beer belly and everything looks so classy, elegant. I’m not going to be one of those folk that only buy used but it’s becoming more and more appealing everyday. The price tag doesn’t hurt either: $26 and I felt brand new, like a hundred bucks.

ladies & okunola

ladies & okunola

ladies & okunola

ladies & okunola

More photos from our mini photo shoot here.
Photos by Chibueze Mbachu.