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six weeks later… here is what i wore today for $2.50

Thrifted clothing day: tank which was cut from a tee by someone the exact same size as me but has a tiny hole in the back, 50 cents; skirt by Theory, $2.

I had to change out of the skirt to leave the house as it turned out to be quite see-through. A girl always needs a red slip, though, right?

(I cannot believe I am letting you see my kitchen counter that messy. I gotta go straighten up.)


turquoise kitchen redux

I was in love with the kitchen in our old spot: big old sink, turquoise walls, black and white checkered floor, huge windows. We put a lot of work into making it our own and I miss it dearly. The new place is a little more well-kept and the management company much more involved, so painting our new cocina turquoise was a no-no. The walls are the same gray we chose for the entire unit which, thankfully, makes a great contrasting color for my favorite shade. The first order of business was adding bits of turquoise everywhere I could. Most of this stuff had been orange in its prior life, plain wood or metal before that. I love how easy it is to update with a can of spray paint.


Shelf: $3, IKEA
Spray paint: Montana Gold Shock Turquoise, $6
Lotus bowls: .50 – $1.00, various thrift stores. I use these in almost every room of the house. I think I have around a dozen!
Mortar & pestle: gift from Papo
Yellow plastic sugar and cream containers: $3, rummage sale


Vintage shaker: $5, rummage sale
Vases: $2, thrift store
Wooden bowl: $1, thrift store
Bombay Sapphire: priceless !


Teak salt and pepper shakers: $30, A Hunted House, Washington DC
Silverware people: gift from Papo
Spice rack: $3, thrifted
Spray paint: the same Montana Gold Shock Turquoise, $6


Hook: $4 for two, Ace Hardware
Spray paint: Again, Montana Gold Shock Turquoise, $6


Coat rack: IKEA, $3
Spray paint: Of course, Montana Gold Shock Turquoise, $6
White cow: $8, thrift store
Wood art: $3-5, thrift stores


Knobs: $1.49 for SIX, IKEA

And of course, the cabinet doors came off almost immediately. The bottom doors that remained got a dose of color courtesy of the cheapest knobs ever.



When our cutlery tray proved too wide for our new drawers we were forced to improvise. These jars came from the junk store and have been used for everything: remember my mini-planter from ReadyMade? They’re perfect for spoons, forks and knives.

And that, my friends, is a turquoise-tinted kitchen. I had much better photos of the whole room put together but accidentally deleted over 150 shots from my camera. I’m hoping to find a recovery tool online lest I have to contort my body into all those weird picture-getting angles again. More of the kitchen soon…

putting up the plate wall

The Mister was in NYC for the weekend and I happily spent my husband-less Sunday putting up our wall o’ plates and generally organizing and decorating the kitchen.  I am embarrassed to report that I did this through three cycles of Nostalgia, Ultra, an album I swore I was ambivalent about but haven’t been able to turn off in the 72 hours since I saw the newly released and weird Swim Good video, which prompted me to check out all of the songs in their entirety again.  It provided good background music and now I know all of the songs and interludes by heart. I need to start buying albums and not relying on Pandora so much. It was fun to be exposed to something new that all the kids out there are talking about! I feel very with it now. Moving on.

Before the plates.  The silverware is in mugs because our new drawers are too small for cutlery holders; we’ll have to come up with a better solution soon.

Per Rosie’s suggestion in the comments of this post, I laid all of the plates out and moved them around until I found a pattern I liked.

Then I started hanging.  The walls are plaster, so I was able to use a nail for some of the easy areas but had to resort to my trusty drill when I hit something hard.

I changed my mind a bunch of times at the last minute and decided to make it longer rather than wider.  Even though I did this rather haphazardly and didn’t follow my initial plan, I can see the curve in the smaller plates and it is just what I initially envisioned but couldn’t get on the floor.  Some of my plates did not make the cut so I have a few plate holders left over. I must go thrift more of them, of course.

I hung up my old orange and now turquoise shelf above the stove and put up the wood cutting that I swear is my dog in the recess between the counter and our cabinets.

And that is the kitchen so far. Not bad for the first two weeks in our new apartment, huh?

I still miss a lot about our old kitchen. Namely our old gal of a kitchen sink (I really did call her old gal in my head) and our cheapie white cabinets and faux wood counters. The latter two are things most people in an apartment would hate but they worked so well with our style and this granite-and-brand-new-cabinet thing is so not me. Next up: the doors come off. I feel a little strange taking the doors off of cabinets that are so new and shiny but I can’t take it anymore. I want to see my glasses, my plates, my bowls. Looks like me and the drill have some work to do this week!

Do you like the plate wall? Don’t you think I need more of them? Shouldn’t it stretch down the whole hall? Aren’t plates awesome?

thrifted: hors d’oeuvres

hors d'oeuvres

I stepped out of the house yesterday morning to have some quality time to myself at my favorite neighborhood thrift store. Most of my hunt was dedicated to the massive clothing section, where I scored four tanks, a blouse and two pairs of shorts for $10. Photos of my awesome new Levis later in the week! They are seriously the most comfortable shorts I have ever come across and fit like a glove.

I only found one thing in the housewares section worth buying: can you guess what it is from the photo above?


A neat little stand for hors d’oeuvres (or ice cream.)


I googled and googled to find out who made it, where it was from, and how much of a deal I got by paying $1.40 for it but no dice: I can’t find any information on my cool new acrylic tray.

Any ideas? Have you ever seen a tray like this? The closest I came was this cheese grater that Katherine from BackGarage is selling in her Etsy shop. The text is the same but I can’t find anything similar to my tray from the manufacturer. Help me solve the mystery!

weekend scores: trays, jars & planters


Trays were not on my list this weekend but I’ll take ’em. Perfect for back porch gatherings this summer. Here’s a similar teak tray on Etsy for $24 and the exact same tin tray for $8.



Glass jars were on my list. Six old school mason jars ran me thirty cents apiece. I’ve never seen this type of lid on a mason jar before. Some internet browsing tells me they are zinc lids and may date back to the 1800s! That doesn’t sound right to me, but the history of mason jars on Canning Pantry explains that the first mason jars in the 1850s did have this type of lid. A lot of two are going for about $18 on eBay.


I can’t resist this style of bowl. I’ve been known to use them as planters, which were also on my list. $2 each. You can purchase a larger one on Etsy for $16.

Not bad for a quick dash into one shop, huh? The Mister even got a few shirts, and I picked out a handful of dresses. Our grand total was around $20, thanks to Village Discount Outlet’s half-off Easter sale. How about you? Any good finds this weekend?

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thrifted: the skirts edition

Village Discount Outlet on Milwaukee proved itself worthy this past weekend for a spring-is-on-the-way pick-me-up: skirts. Just what I needed as I’m headed to Costa Rica for some much needed R & R this Saturday. I plan to wear skirts, dresses and bathing suits. Maybe one pair of shorts.

(See that cowlick on the back of my head in the photo above? I can’t get rid of it. Suggestions other than wetting my hand and pressing the hair down are welcome in the comments.)

I edited the mess out of the photo above and it still looks wonky; blame it on the weird facial expression. Auto-photography is totally not my strong suit. But, the reason for posting it: can you make out the little pink price tag sitting below my right (your left) hip? Yeah. That baby reads $3.80.

The necklace was a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law’s friend from Brazil. It makes a fantastically loud sound when I walk and as I was snapping photos with my Nikon perched on its expensive tripod, I worried the neighbors might hear me flitting around.

Here’s the thing about thrifting. I tend towards the same five colors most times I shop: black, brown, gray, navy and white. Sometimes I toss a bit of red in, but it has to be a muted tone of the shade. When I thrift, I tend to step out of my comfort zone once I see the price. For instance, I would never wear stripes, even in my colors of choice, right? But– striped skirt for $2.80, well of course I’ll take a look. Who wouldn’t?

So, I step in front of the communal dressing mirror (no rooms at this thrift shop), gingerly take off one boot to get one leg into the skirt, place that foot back into the boot and repeat the same motion with the other leg until it’s over my jeans and fits like a glove. Striped skirt I would never wear goes into the cart.

Then I sit myself at the altar of my front room and offer you a thrifted teak bowl of nothing because I am tired of trying to pose all cute and whatnot and I end up getting silly.

Silly or not, stripes or not, I got three skirts and two plain tank tops for around $13 this weekend. I’m looking forward to posting pics of these skirts on a beach in Costa Rica next week.

[As I said the last time we traveled: My best friend will be at our house. She is mean. And my dog bites. Hard. Don’t test.]

thrifted: clothing edition


I hit my weight loss goal. Twenty pounds down since the beginning of September and not a lick of exercise was involved; I simply counted every single calorie I put into my body, started eating breakfast, drank a ton of water and cut down immensely on ordering out. We haven’t used GrubHub since the fall (we were averaging three delivered meals a week), and instead only eat high calorie meals when we’re with friends or for celebratory occasions. That equals about two or three cheat meals every seven days and we still hit our goals earlier than expected. Proud.

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