the apartment

The Mister and I live in very vintage two bedroom + office apartment in the Ukrainian Village/Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Photos of the new place coming soon!

View all posts about the apartment here.

the fridge
the fridge

Posts about the kitchen.

front rom
front rom
front rom
my urban casita
redoing the desktop, hanging art
my urban casita
apartment foolishness

Posts about the front room.


15 responses to “the apartment

  1. I’m Aunt Gail’s bff and can’t wait for more news from Chicago! I miss the snow and love your description of the first fall. The leaves are just falling in Texas! You are so talented on so many levels -photography, decorating , writing – and you’re cute! Congratulations on a great site. Bring on more!

  2. I live in Wicker Park too 🙂 Your style is amazing! How I envy those with checkered title 🙂

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  5. Oh, I love your place. So colorful and vintage inspired.

  6. I love your home, can i come live with you? 🙂

  7. wow… your home is so photogenic. the colors are so happy. thanks for sharing!

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  13. Hi. I came across your blog accidentally but I LOVE IT. There is literally nothing I don’t love about your kitchen (the orange accents against the turquoise walls might be my fave, though). Very cool site, looking forward to seeing more.

  14. I think my hubs and i looked at your apartment while searching for a place to live after we got married! We miss that neighborhood!

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